M/S Harald Jarl

Ten years on board this ship has made me to a richer person.
I have sailed more than a hundred times along the norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes,
and met many a men and women who have been as differnt as the
weather and the sea can be; calm, smooth, stormy, cold, warm, violent, cheery...

As a hard working courier, I have now retired.
Today I have a much more lazy job working as a solicitor
in Trondheim. 

Sailing through Raftsundet between Lofoten and Vesteråen gives you nearly a religious experience.
(this is a photo - not a painting....)

The traditional ships of Hurtigruten were known to have the most reliable navigators. Also one of the most friendly and competent captains was captain Ottar Nilssen, who was known as the captain who manoeuvred his ship as no one other were capable to do. I remember so well, standin on the bridge, on the chief officers duty, when the chief officer because of the weather was afraid. He ran down to Captain Nilssens cabin and asked him tok take the ship into the port of Vardø because of the wind. Captain Ottar Nilssen manouvered the ship (with his dog) into the port without any problems.

Look at this noble ship as she was nearly 40 years since 1960, but then a small employee 
called Arne "Hurtigrutedirektør" decided to paint a horrible red stripe on this precious ship.
Fortunately he is now only "Arne" and no more "Hurtigrutedirektør".

but fortunately the common sense came back and after some weeks M/S Harald Jarl was 
painted in black and white again. (This is one of the very few pictures of the ship of  this short period).

Hier you see the backbone of Hurtigruten and M/S Harald Jarl - chief stuard Gunnar Normannsen
and two of his brilliant servants 

Auf Neujahrsabend - ein Besuch vom Schiffshaft - Petter aus Schottland, 
ein  Nachfahr von Petter Dass.

Die Intelligent, die interessanten, die freundlichen, die nette Passagiere...

Nicht nur intelligent, interessent, freundlich, nett - auch schön....

I have just started to build up this page
about the ship and my trips. May be the next time you
visit this page, you will find a new picture or a new story.